bollywood vs snapchat – celebrities reacted on snapchat controversy

From Boycott British goods to Boycott snapchat, India has kept the nationalism, or Swadeshi feels burning in their heart. The love and devotion for the country is proving to be the cause of concern for favorite image messaging mobile app,Snapchat . Ever since the newsSnapchat CEO Evan Spiegel’ s controversial remark ‘India is too poor a country to expand its business to,’ came to light by a former Snapchat employee, the Twitterverse has turned into a battleground. Showing solidarity againstEvan Spiegel ’s poor remark about India, the micro-blogging platform is flooded with the hashtag #BoycottSnapchat. They are protesting against the offensive statement by deleting the Snapchat  app and posting pictures of the same on Twitter. Snapchat denies CEO Evan Spiegel called ‘India as poor country’, as claimed by ex-employee of social media app.

An ex-snapchat  employee, named Anthony Pompliano that Evan Spiege  in a meeting held in 2015 said, “This app is only for rich people. I don’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain.” This statement was made by the social media company’s chief executive officer when Pompliano suggested over the company’s expansion plans to the developing countries. The statement is yet to be verified and came to the light after the fired former snapchat employee filed a lawsuit at a US court., the parent company has vehemently dismissed the alleged remarks made by Evan. In their response to Anthony Pompliano’s claims about Spiegel deeming India as ‘poor country’ said, “This is ridiculous. Obviously snapchat is for everyone! It’s available worldwide to download for free.”

A statement allegedly made by Evan Spiegel, CEO of popular app Snapchat, in 2015 has sparked a controversy and threatened to derail the status of the app in the country.

A former employee of the compnay,  Anthony Pompliano, in a lawsuit has claimed that Spiegel had said, “This app is only for rich people,” and “I don’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain.”

The ‘comment’ has obviously not gone down well with social media users and has sparked on debate on Twitter with numerous memes springing up and some of them urging people to uninstall the app as a mark of protest.

While the call to uninstall the app has started and some have already got rid of the app, several other reports have questioned the authenticity of the comment as it was not on record.

According to reports, Spiegel and the company have also denied making the comment.

Numerous of our Bollywood stars are also users of the app, posting interesting photos and videos using the filters on it.

At the IIFA Award voting weekend event held in Mumbai on Sunday, the celebrities were asked about the controversy. While Sushant Singh Rajput said he doesn’t use the app, Kriti Sanon and Chunky Pandey were clueless about the controversy, Vicky Kaushal said that it was up to the individual if they wanted to uninstall the app or not.

However, Alia Bhatt, who is one of the most prominent users of the app, took a stand and said, “I don’t think he has said anything like that.”

Our Bollywood stars often get misquoted during some of their interviews and become part of several false stories, so perhaps they can understand Evan Spiegel’s situation well.

for more info watch this video in hindi


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